Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paint Something Workshop

Papers, markers, pencils, pens, journals, beads, photography, ephemera, yarn, fabric, and other artsy supplies make me giddy with excitement. I love to collect the tools needed to create my own homemade projects. Over the years, I've made a few things that were beyond refrigerator art.  However, I've been somewhat disappointed in my finished mixed media projects. The element missing is color.

Photography taught me about light. Warm and Cold colors make sense to me. To create the mixed media pieces I want to display in my home (no gallery aspirations for this girl), I must learn how use paint. I've played with various gel mediums and Mod Podge with some success. Paints have been out of my league, but not for long . . .

June 8-9, I'll be near Atlanta for my first painting class with Jenni Horne during her Paint Something Workshops. WOOOHOOOO! 

A true "puffy heart" way to spend a weekend for three happiness project reasons. 
  1. I knew Jenny long before she changed the spelling of her name to Jenni. I'm pretty sure that the spelling was actually changed to J-e-n-n-i(puffy heart dotting the "i") during middle school, a time when paint pens, Limited Express, and Madonna were all the rage. If I had any wild and crazy stories about Jenni, I'd sooooo tell them . . . but we were really good kids who were known more for giggles and school leadership than drama and pacts to keep secrets about wild escapades. Keeping in touch with friends and family is a top happiness project resolution.
  2. Moving and visiting family was a way of of life for me growing up.  Over the years, I've become a homebody. Not a bad way to spend my time, but I crave more hitting the pavement adventures. Heading to Georgia without the family in tow will be fun.
  3. Create more! Going to a museum is awesome. Reading book is engaging. But creating my own works is life-giving. The only time I feel a real sense of envy is when I see artists and writers following their passion when I'm not doing the same. I'm happiest when I'm creating . . . crafting, cooking, and/or writing.
I'll post pictures of my paintings. I'm taking two classes, so hopefully I'll create two paintings. I'm less interested in the final product and most interested in learning about how paint works. No doubt I'll have fun seeing a long-time friend and meeting some new creative people as well.