Thursday, August 30, 2012

Southern Circle Retreats

Southern Circle Retreats is scheduled for January 2013. Wow does it look great. I've attended several of Jenni's Paint Something workshops and met Tiffin (I follow both of their blogs). The weekend will exceed expectations. I'm not signed up yet, but I'm checking my calendar and looking for extra days to substitute teach (funding the trip).  So crossing fingers that I'll be going.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mushroom (Heidi Moos: week 4--New)

Here is my latest painting from Pages and Paint. I have a lot to learn . . . boy, is this fun!!!

8x8 gessobord with acrylic paint, chalk pastel, collage, gel pen, pencil, gel medium paper transfer with a gel medium wash over the surface.

The painting in my head hasn't happened (yet:-). I consider this a study. The colors and composition don't feel like mine (partly because the mushroom is a transfer and the colors feel heavily inspired by Sarah's pallet rather than my own).

1. Boarder was painted in acrylic.
2. Red, green and yellow lines were painted first. Red circles were added (one is covered in final).
3. Mushroom is an ink jet paper transfer. How-to: print image on ink jet printer, cover board in gel medium, cover ink-side image with gel medium, put gel medium to gel medium (careful not to get gel medium on back side of paper), squish out air bubbles, let dry completely, spray back of paper with water and rub off paper. Expect some ink to come off because inkjet ink is not permanent like laser jet.
4. Gel pen used to outline mushroom details that were either removed during transfer or too light.
5. Chalk pastels on mushroom only.
6. Collage added with gel medium.
7. Blue and green above and next to mushroom are watered down acrylic paint.
8. White paint washed over boarder that felt too saturated.
9. Pencil used to outline color squares and collage.

All methods used in this painting are new to me. My mind's eye did not envision this final. There are a number of happy surprises that I can incorporate into future paintings.

My first reaction to the final was to toss it aside. A few hours later, I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to what I create a few months from now.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Traincase by 4heidi
Traincase, a photo by 4heidi on Flickr.
June and July 2012, I took my first painting classes with two different instructors. Jenni Horne (Paint Something workshops in person) and Sarah Ahearn Bellemare (Pages & Paint online).

"Traincase" grew out of the lessons I learned during the month. This piece follows Jenni Horne's technique and composition style most closely. I've completed three paintings in her classes and this one on my own. I feel like my paintings are poor imitations of her work (I'd rather buy her paintings). Now that I have a better feel for paints and collage, I'll be experimenting to find my own style and will continue to buy Jenni's art.

What a wonderful journey into the world of paints and mixed media.


p.s. the photo above represents the colors beautifully, but not so much the proportions of the board (14"x11"). my battery ran out before i could correct the angle of the shot.

p.p.s. the suitcase is meant to go with the vw van. :-)