Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Student, Teacher, Student, Teacher

The long pause on the blog was for a reason. I started my Happiness Project to find ways to ramp up my own life satisfaction. I turned 40 earlier this year.  My kids need me in different ways than when they were younger. So I've been on a quest to reinvent myself. In many ways, I'm a different person than I was twenty years ago. In some ways, I'm who I have always been. A constant has been my passion for learning and sharing what I know. I was the kid who looked forward to the first day of school. I liked it so much I became a teacher.

I left the classroom to be a stay at home mom and was certain that I wouldn't go back into the teaching field.  Fast forward 15 years, I'm once again a student who is taking classes to be re-certified to teach. I explored several hobbies that could have turned into careers, but I always seemed more interested in helping at my children's schools. I'm one third of the way through the required work needed to reapply for certification. I'm on track to apply for jobs for next fall. My quest to reinvent myself cleared the cobwebs and dusted off the path I've been on for decades.

I AM a life-long learner. I will always be a student and a teacher.