Monday, March 18, 2013

Playlist for WIP

As long as I can remember, I've had a story in my head. Some I've written down, but most have played in my head like movies on the screen. All have had a soundtrack. I didn't make the connection between music and the stories in my mind until 2000. Both have always been there.

This is the playlist for a Young Adult novel that has been brewing for two years. 

I have about 8000 words written. Spring Break is coming up soon, which will be the perfect chance to dive back into the story . . . or start something new. Either way I love falling deep into my imagination.

p.s. It's bad writing karma to talk about a work in progress too much. The catharsis of writing fades every time the story is told. Talking through ideas improves my professional endeavors, but kills story ideas. An interesting truth.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week 29: "share"

Today, I bought Week 29: "share" at the Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham. I don't have a Jenni bicycle painting, a  signature image, so I'm thrilled to add this to my collection.  I had my eye on a few other paintings too, but they had sold by the time I made it to the show. I've been following the project since before day one.

The painting won't come home until after the show, so scoot over to the gallery and see the 52 canvases and pick one out for your wall.

p.s. Click on the links to read the story and see pictures. You'll be happy you did.

Waiting . . .

I completed all coursework, tests, and paperwork for certification to teach. Once I decided to go back to teaching, I pushed hard to meet every goal. You can see a sampling of my work on my professional blog. Most of the posts are responses to prompts from the EdTech course I took January through March 2013.

The moment I completed coursework, I was back to substitute teaching four days a week. One day is reserved for job applications, chores, and a bit of obsessing about the next steps toward teaching. I've been working at an intense pace up until this point and now it's time to wait.

I'm waiting for transcripts to reach their destination. Next I'll be waiting for the ALSDE to approve my application for certification. While waiting for certification to be finalized, I'm waiting for jobs to be posted.

I'm not very good at waiting though. I'd rather do something. It's time to celebrate my successes from the past few months and forget about waiting and to take a break from the job hunt for a few moments.

Today, I'm going to step off the career path and enjoy a much needed break. I started the morning with a walk and weeding the flowerbeds. Soon I'll be going to the opening of Jenni Horne's 52 Canvases in My 40th Year. I see a date with husband sometime this weekend, and some family time as well. 

Years of Happiness is built moment by moment.