Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More confessions

In my Confession and Plan post, I mentioned a few health issues. Well, the list goes on . . . I had such an intense pain in my toe that I thought I might have fractured it. The blood work and x-ray don't really point to anything, but the symptoms point to severe arthritis. This is not run of the mill arthritis, which hurts a lot. This is "wake me up at night pain" when my toe touches the sheet, bumps the mattress, or I flex. Guys, these are symptoms of gout. I don't have full-blown diagnosable symptoms, but I know what I eat and drink. I'm on the path to having a really debilitating disease that is avoidable with life changes.

So what it is the problem? Why can't I make these simple changes in diet? I was an athlete, so the walking is going quite well (ignoring the pain in my toe may prove to be a poor choice, but exercise helps arthritis). I can give or take sodas and desserts. In fact, I really only crave a Coke when I eat fried or processed foods. I prefer fresh veggies and home cooked meals. Skipping fast food and then the soda is really easy for me. Ice cream used to be my daily treat: 1/2 a cup a night, and I could skip all other sweet temptations throughout the day. I've become increasingly lactose intolerant since my gallbladder was taken out. I've heard that happens as people age. Also, I'm predisposed because of my Mediterranean background.

I have a number of great skills for losing weight through exercise and healthy eating, but there is one thing that has tied my hands and is the cause of all of these issues. I'll explain more in the next post.

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